How To Write A Feedback Request Email: 11 Best Practices

How To Write A Feedback Request Email: 11 Best Practices

Imagine this scenario: You've put in the effort to create an awesome customer feedback survey. You eagerly send it out via feedback mail, hoping to receive valuable insights about your product. But instead of a flood of responses, you're met with silence.

Frustrating, isn't it? Well, the problem might lie in the feedback request email itself. If your feedback request email falls short, it can result in unread messages or a lack of response. That's why the email you use to request feedback is just as crucial as the survey it contains.

Feedback is a clever way to pinpoint and remedy problems before they turn into a customer support team issue or worse, a scathing online review.

In this article, we'll walk you through eleven best practices for requesting feedback and crafting winning customer feedback request emails. Say goodbye to wondering what went wrong and hello to valuable feedback—all thanks to well-crafted feedback request emails!


What is an email feedback request?

Feedback emails are a vital tool for any company. They are transactional emails specifically designed to gather feedback from customers about their experience with your product or service.

Feedback request email provides businesses with valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses from a customer's perspective, paving the way for improvement and growth.

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Why is feedback request email important?

Feedback request email serves multiple important purposes. First and foremost, it gives you the opportunity to tap into your customers' thoughts and opinions, helping you better understand their needs and preferences.

By actively seeking feedback, you show customers that their opinions matter, fostering a sense of engagement and loyalty. Furthermore, feedback request emails enable continuous improvement, allowing you to enhance your offerings based on valuable customer insights.

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Customer feedback request email best practices

1. Reel them in with a strong email subject line

Grab your customers' attention right from the start with an engaging subject line that reflects your brand's intentions. Consider including a time estimate for the survey in the subject line to make it convenient for your customers. Remember, the subject line determines whether or not your email will even be opened! 

2. Personalization

Make your customers feel valued by addressing them by their names. Be specific about the product or service you want feedback on. Consider including a visual reminder in your feedback request email design, such as a product image, to jog their memory.

For a quick but immaculate insight into empathetic emailing, watch the Jay Baer video below.

3. Simplicity—be brief and direct

In our fast-paced world, a lengthy feedback request email will rarely get read. Keep your emails concise, ensuring they can be easily consumed and understood by your customers.

4. Explain the purpose of the email

Clearly communicate why the feedback request email is important and how you plan to use the collected information. Help customers understand the value of their actionable feedback and how it contributes to improving their experience.

5. Incentivize your feedback request email

Motivate customers to provide feedback by offering incentives that benefit them as well. This could be in the form of discounts, exclusive offers, or rewards. Show customers that their feedback is highly valued, as this will boost customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the long term.

6. Add a clear call to action

Guide customers to the next step by including a prominent and clear call-to-action (CTA) in your feedback request email. Make it visually distinct, whether it's a CTA button or a highlighted URL, ensuring customers know what action to take.

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7. Time estimation

Respect your customers' time by indicating how long it will take to complete the feedback request. A short, focused feedback request email and survey is more likely to elicit a response, as customers appreciate knowing the time commitment upfront.


  • Our survey has only 4 questions

  • We're hoping that you'll take 5 minutes of your time to share insights regarding your experience using <product name>

  • Would you be willing to take our 15-minute survey?

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8. Automation

Timing is key when sending feedback request emails. Allow customers enough time to experience your product or service, but don't wait so long that their initial impressions fade away.

 Consider the nature of your offering and choose business days when people are more likely to check their work emails.

Online food delivery services may benefit from an immediate feedback review while the purchase of an application or online service may take some time to form an opinion about.

9. Use engaging email design

When it comes to feedback request email, design plays a crucial role in capturing your customers' attention and encouraging them to take action. Invest in a visually appealing email design that aligns with your brand identity.

Use eye-catching graphics, colors, and formatting to make your feedback request email visually appealing and easy to read. Incorporate clear headings, bullet points, and white space to enhance readability.

Remember that a well-designed feedback request email not only grabs attention but also enhances the overall user experience, increasing the likelihood of receiving valuable feedback.

We suggest that you and your designers put together an engaging feedback request email sample or template that can be adjusted for different segments and occasions.

For insight into creating your own customer feedback email templates, read this.

Alternatively, you can download a customer feedback email template from the web and make minor adjustments yourself. Sites

10. Leverage follow-up emails for improved response rates

Sometimes, customers may overlook or forget to respond to your initial feedback request email. That's where follow-up emails come into play. Crafting a series of well-timed and friendly follow-up feedback request emails can significantly boost response rates.

Send gentle reminders to customers who haven't provided feedback, highlighting the importance of their opinions and the benefits they'll receive by participating. Experiment with different messaging and timing to find the right balance between persistence and not overwhelming your customers.

By leveraging follow-up customer feedback emails effectively, you can increase engagement and gather more comprehensive feedback via feedback request email.

11. Use a reliable email service provider

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Remember, a strong rapport with your customers, and a transparent feedback process, is one of the surest ways to increase customer satisfaction and grow customer loyalty in the long term. 

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In conclusion 

Crafting a winning feedback request email is an essential skill for businesses seeking valuable insights and continuous improvement. By following the eleven best practices outlined in this article, you can enhance your chances of receiving meaningful feedback from your customers.

Remember the power of a compelling subject line, personalization, simplicity, and clear calls to action.

Don't forget to explain the purpose of the email, incentivize responses, provide time estimates, and choose the right time for sending your emails. Additionally, leverage engaging email design and follow-up emails to further enhance response rates.

With a well-crafted feedback request email to your new and existing customers, you can foster customer engagement, gain valuable insights, and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Start implementing these best practices today and unlock the power of customer feedback for customer satisfaction, and the growth and success of your business.

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Frequently asked questions


How to ask for feedback in an email?

When asking for feedback in an email, it's important to be clear, concise, and respectful. Start by explaining why you're asking for feedback and how it will be used. Then, ask specific questions that will provide useful responses.

Remember to thank the recipient for their time and consideration. You can use a transactional email service provider like Mailer To Go to automate and manage these emails.

What are some good email templates for requesting feedback?

There are many templates available online that can help you craft an effective feedback request email. These templates often include a polite introduction, a clear explanation of why you're asking for feedback, specific questions, and a thank you note.

You can customize these templates to fit your needs and use a service like Mailer To Go to send them out.

How to ask for reviews from customers?

When asking for reviews from customers, it's important to be polite and respectful. Explain why their feedback is valuable and how it helps improve your services or products. You can ask for reviews in person, via text, email, or even through social media.

Using a transactional email service provider like Mailer To Go can make this process easier and more efficient.

What are the best practices for a feedback request email?

Best practices for a feedback request email include being sincere, asking specific questions, keeping the email brief and to the point, and thanking the recipient for their time. It's also important to make the purpose of the email clear upfront.

A service like Mailer To Go can help you manage and track these emails.

How to encourage customers to provide feedback?

To encourage customers to provide feedback, make the process as easy as possible. This could include providing a direct link to the feedback form in your email. Also, explain how their feedback will be used to improve your services or products.

A transactional email service provider like Mailer To Go can help you automate this process.




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