The Best Transaction Email Service For Devs In 2023—Top 10

The Best Transaction Email Service For Devs In 2023—Top 10

Transactional emails are central to digital marketing, encompassing everything from purchase confirmations and shipping updates to password reset emails and welcome emails

Given the sheer volume dispatched daily, many businesses find it impractical to maintain SMTP servers solely for this purpose, especially when those resources could bolster their primary functions.

Instead, the hunt is on for the best transactional email service providers. These services offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution, including features like bulk sending, enhanced deliverability tools, heightened security, and valuable analytics.

In this piece, we'll spotlight several transactional email service providers, aiding developers in their quest for the ideal email infrastructure. Remember, this list is a guide for comparisons and isn't ranked in any particular order.

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For a quick intro to what transactional emails are and why they matter, watch this video from RedFork Marketing.


Our criteria for evaluating the best transactional email services

1. Features 

Features, features, features! They're the bells and whistles that make or break a service. To make our cut, a transactional email service provider has to be more than just "good enough".

We're talking about transactional marketing automation services that roll out the red carpet, boasting dev-friendly features specially crafted to streamline your email adventures.

2. Deliverability 

Have you ever penned a masterpiece of an email only to find it's lost in the dreaded spam? Tragic, right?

Hence, we give a thumbs up to those best transactional email service champs who'll ensure your emails land in the recipient's main inbox, and not some dusty spam corner.

3. API Documentation, Libraries, and SDK Availability

We're big fans of a transactional email service provider that plays well with other systems, taking some of the load off your workflow.

Honestly, who's got the time for a wrestling match with tech in 2023 and beyond?

4. Analytics 

Beyond the "send" button lies the realm of analytics. It's not just about firing off emails but truly grasping their journey and impact.

The best transactional email service providers offer nifty tools to track, measure, and optimize your emails with data-driven insights.

5. Pricing

Every business, whether a startup or an empire, has its purse strings. So, we've handpicked services that give you the most bang for your buck—the kind that offers premium perks without breaking the bank.

a busy developer sending email

Top 10 best transactional email services for developers

Choosing the best transactional email service is crucial, especially for developers. Let's start and look at some of the best options.

Mailer To Go

Let's start with a name that's always on our lips, MailerToGo.

Here's why Mailer To Go rocks the boat: simplicity. MailerToGo is a beacon for those weary of clunky systems and needless complications. 

Mailer To Go is built on top of world-class cloud platforms and technologies to provide the best availability, scalability, and security.

A lean, mean email-sending machine, this service streamlines the grunt work, meaning all developers need to do is provide the content and specify a recipient.

What's left is a streamlined experience, where sending emails feels more like a breeze and less like a chore.

mailer to go screenshot

Features and Benefits

Its well-documented APIs are pure joy, ensuring smooth sailing for developers. Fancy sending out personalized emails? Mailer To Go's custom domain detection has got your back. 

Mailer To Go provides an SMTP interface for seamless integration with applications that can send email via SMTP.

Plus, if you're sighing at the thought of managing yet another server—fret not! Everything is under control as MTG offers a reliable and scalable experience.

Deliverability Track Record

Sending emails is one thing; ensuring they land in the inbox is another game entirely. 

Mailer To Go masters the art of maximum deliverability with advanced authentication features and the functionality to send emails from user-specified subdomains, any number of which can be managed under a single user account.

MTG also provides insights into bounce rates and spam complaints to help developers optimize their email campaigns.

Pricing Structure

Every business has its budget. That's why MailerToGo offers a buffet of plans, catering to both the bootstrapped startups and the big-league players:

  • Micro: $9/mo

  • Mini: $19/mo

  • Small: $79/mo

  • Startup: $149/mo

  • Chatty: $299/mo

  • Verbose: $499/mo

  • Verbose 1.6M: $949/mo

For anyone scouring the digital landscape for an all-in-one transactional email partner, Mailer To Go is ideal. 

MTG is not just in the business of sending emails—it's reshaping the entire email narrative, placing developer users at the heart of its mission. 

Plus, with a bouquet of price points, there's something for everyone. So, this transactional email service is a no-brainer if you're all about top quality, lean build, reliability, and value for money.


If you're a developer looking for a more straightforward way to handle emails, with a touch of personalization and some handy analytics, you should give this one a closer look.

postageapp screenshot

Features and Benefits

PostageApp is another contender that simplifies the email process while making integration easy. 

It provides a JSON-based API and many plugins, ensuring it works well with different languages and systems. Developers can relish PostageApp's flexibility, such as hosting email templates off-app in plain HTML and CSS. 

The platform's robust personalization features ensure each email feels tailored for the receiver. Furthermore, PostageApp provides classic email metrics, tracking the success and reach of each communication.

Deliverability Track Record

PostageApp places a high emphasis on ensuring marketing emails make it to their intended recipients. They've fine-tuned their delivery engine and even have whitelisting provisions for mass email sending. 

Proactive deliverability monitoring, combined with features such as whitelisting and FBLs, reinforces their commitment to reaching inboxes.

Pricing Structure

PostageApp provides a spectrum of plans tailored to diverse needs and budgets:

  • Carrier Pigeon: $9/month for 10,000 emails

  • Falcon: $29/month for 40,000 emails

  • Owl: $79/month for 100,000 emails with private IP

  • Eagle: $199/month for 400,000 emails with private IP

  • Pterodactyl: $399/month for 1M emails with private IP


Joining our list with its standout offerings is JetSend. If you've ever felt transactional emails could be less complicated and more efficient, JetSend might be what you're looking for. 

It's designed for everyone, from individuals to large corporations, offering flexible integration options and a commitment to getting your message exactly where it needs to go.

jetsend screenshot

Features and Benefits

JetSend provides an intuitive, easy-to-use service tailored to those prioritizing smooth transactional email solutions. Whether you're an individual or a large organization, their platform accommodates your needs. 

They take pride in their dual integration options: SMTP relay setup and robust Web & SMTP APIs. This allows users to choose a system that best fits their operational requirements, facilitating customization and enhancing email delivery experiences.

Deliverability Track Record

With a staggering figure of over 5 billion emails sent globally, JetSend has established itself as a trusted name in the email delivery domain. With their solid experience, they ensure your messages don't just get sent but land exactly where they should.

Pricing Structure

JetSend's transparent pricing model ensures scalability:

  • Free: 3,000 emails/month

  • $8/month: 10,000 emails        

  • $35/month: 50,000 emails

  • $95/month: 150,000 emails

  • $229/month: 300,000 emails

  • $389/month: 700,000 emails

  • $629/month: 1.5M emails

  • Enterprise: Enjoy up to 5 dedicated IPs/accounts.


Tailored especially for developers, Maildocker's email service is a comprehensive communication tool that considers its users' diverse needs while ensuring each message is delivered with precision and style.

maildocker screenshot

Features And Benefits

Maildocker brings a fresh perspective on behavioral and transactional email delivery, tailored especially for developers.

Maildocker Offers a robust RESTful API and seamless SMTP integration and serves as a reliable email infrastructure. Each Docklet operates like an independent server, with vast personalization opportunities.

Beyond emailing, it tracks activities—from website interactions to offline events. Users can customize with powerful container templates, ensuring every email stands out.

Deliverability Track Record

Maildocker has cemented its reputation for dependable delivery, backed by dedicated IP warm-up strategies and superior algorithms, handling over a billion emails monthly.

Pricing Structure

Maildocker offers various plans:

  • The starter at US$ 24.95 for 100,000 emails.

  • Custom Premium for heavy-duty users.

  • Dedicated IPs can be added for an additional US$ 29.95.


GreenArrow is a transactional email service that garnered respect for its exceptional features, but it's more than just its features that set it apart.

If you're searching for an email solution that is adaptive, insightful, and genuinely supportive when things go awry, then GreenArrow is a great option.

greenarrow screenshot

Features and Benefits

GreenArrow is smart, flexible, and tailored to those who seek more from their emails. Imagine an email system that scales with your growth, gives profound insights to boost deliverability, and offers tech support that doesn't leave you on hold when things seem off.

Deliverability Track Record

Have you ever felt like your emails vanished into the void? GreenArrow ensures they don't. With its smarter tools and transparent data, you don't just send emails; you guarantee they reach the desired inboxes.

Coupled with insights on subscriber activity, you're not shooting in the dark; you're making informed connections.

Pricing Structure

Concerned about costs? GreenArrow's pricing is as transparent as its email tracking. Whether you're looking at the Engine for high-volume sending or the more intricate Engine + Marketing studio for campaign insights, you know where every penny goes.

Want more? They've got optional add-ons to enhance your experience.

  • Engine: Ideal for high-volume senders, starts at $600/month.

  • Engine + Marketing Studio: Enhance your marketing game from $750/month.

  • Add-Ons: Customize with add-ons for tailored experiences.

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CloudMailin is yet another reputable transactional email service noted for its impressive capabilities and dev-centric approach.

cloudmailin screenshot

Features and Benefits

CloudMailin is an email API that's tailored for developers, enabling effortless sending and receiving. It changes emails into HTTP POSTs, making it work smoothly with many systems like Rails, Node.JS, and PHP.

Email to Webhook ensures that emails are easily converted and parsed into formats like JSON, Multipart, or RAW, accommodating diverse developmental needs.

Deliverability Track Record

Prioritizing speed, CloudMailin boasts a rapid processing time, handling emails in milliseconds. Abandon traditional methods like IMAP or POP3.

With dedicated servers across the US and Europe, a staggering 99.99% uptime is achieved. Trusted globally, CloudMailin has a legacy of delivering billions of emails for big-name brands without fail.

Pricing Structure

Starting generously, CloudMailin offers:

  • The first 10,000 emails each month for free.

  • Starter pack at $25/month.

  • Premium tier at $85/month.


MailerSend combines intuitive systems, scalability, and a track record of impeccable deliverability.

mailersend screenshot

Features and Benefits

Developers should appreciate MailerSend's intuitive API and seamless integrations, enabling them to send transactional emails and SMS with confidence.

Notable features include SMTP relay for instant email dispatching from apps or websites, the ability to manage multiple domains under one account, and the flexibility to send from a few to millions of emails.

The service includes inbound routing, an IP allowlist, and effortless integration through seven SDKs and its email API.

Deliverability Track Record

With a 99.5% guaranteed uptime, MailerSend assures robust deliverability.

Pricing Structure

MailerSend's pricing is as follows:

  • 3,000 Free emails/month.

  • Premium plan at $24/month, offering enhanced features and volume.

  • An Enterprise plan tailored to fit larger organizations with bespoke needs.


Mailchimp transactional email is a well-regarded transactional email service provider widely recognized for its comprehensive email marketing software solutions, including marketing automation.

mailchimp screenshot

Features and Benefits

Mailchimp's transactional email service ensures timely notifications initiated by specific user actions. Users can send personalized messages using conditional content, segmentation, and custom coding. With over 20 years in the industry, Mailchimp offers reliability and efficiency, ensuring businesses connect seamlessly with their audience.

Deliverability Track Record

Mailchimp guarantees quick email delivery straight to the inbox, sidestepping spam folders. Advanced analytics like automated tags, webhooks, and A/B testing allow for effective monitoring and optimization of email campaigns. This track record assures businesses their messages will reach their audience.

Pricing Structure

  • Free: Basic features for beginners.

  • Essentials ($13/month for 500 contacts): 24/7 support, pre-built transactional email templates, and basic automation.

  • Standard ($20/month for 500 contacts): Enhanced personalization tools, 24/7 chat support, and advanced testing.

  • Premium ($350/month for 10,000 contacts): Ultimate service with unlimited contacts, priority support, and custom-coded email templates.


Mailgun is another reputable transactional email provider known for its developer-focused approach and reliable delivery mechanisms.

mailgun screenshot

Features and Benefits

Mailgun provides:

  • Robust Email APIs built specifically for developers.

  • Simplifying the process of sending.

  • Receiving.

  • Tracking emails.

Being developer-centric, it emphasizes simplicity and compliance with API standards. Their system offers quick SMTP integration, accurate email verification, and advanced analytics.

Their email API and responsive templates allow seamless communication, while their intelligent inbound routing simplifies incoming email processing.

Deliverability Track Record

Mailgun is trusted by over 150,000 businesses, boasting a commendable 99.99% uptime SLA. Their infrastructure supports both transactional and bulk emails, even at high volumes.

They ensure optimal email deliverability and performance with global infrastructure and email expertise. The platform further provides actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Pricing Structure

  • Trial ($0/month): Basic features with 5,000 emails/month.

  • Foundation ($35/month): Enhanced features with 50,000 emails/month.

  • Scale ($90/month): Advanced utilities with 100,000 emails/month.

  • Custom: Customizable plans tailored to unique business needs.


Postmark is a dependable transactional email service, particularly celebrated for its swift delivery times and stringent deliverability standards.

postmark screenshot

Features and Benefits

Postmark offers a seamless email delivery service that integrates effortlessly with various programming languages through API libraries. They provide easy integration via API or SMTP, ensuring you're up and sending in just minutes.

With up to 45 days of full content history (customizable between 7 to 365 days), users benefit from enhanced visibility, aiding in troubleshooting.

Their platform also features responsive templates ideal for different transactional emails, comprehensive tracking of open and delivery rates, and efficient handling of bounced emails.

Deliverability Track Record

Boasting a reputation for stellar deliverability, Postmark is recognized for its stringent vetting processes and adherence to best practices, ensuring spammers are kept at bay.

Pricing Structure

  • Postmark offers a range of pricing options for its users:

  • Everyone starts on their FREE developer tier, which includes 100 monthly emails.

  • For those needing more volume, prices start at $15.00 for up to 10,000 emails/month.

  • On the higher end, the cost reaches up to $775.00 for 1,500,000 emails/month.

SMTP vs. API for Devs

When developers integrate email functionalities into their applications, one critical decision is choosing between SMTP and API. Both methods offer distinct ways to send transactional emails, and understanding them is crucial for efficient and effective communication.

Definition and Basics of SMTP Email

SMTP, short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, has been a key piece of the internet for a long time. Essentially, SMTP is a set of rules governing the sending and relaying of outgoing emails. 

When you dispatch an email, whether it's through a dedicated application or transactional email software, SMTP takes on the task of ensuring that the email gets to its destination.

To use SMTP, you typically need configuration settings, including server addresses and authentication details, provided by your email service provider.

Definition and Basics of API Email

API, or Application Programming Interface, is on the other side of the spectrum. In the context of email, an API provides developers with a means to integrate email-sending capabilities directly into their applications.

With an Email API, developers can utilize lines of code specific to their chosen programming languages rather than focusing on server details to instruct the application on email processes. The primary advantage here is seamlessly weaving the email experience into the broader application.

Benefits of Using SMTP for Transactional Emails

Despite new tech, SMTP is still a go-to for transactional emails. Some of its distinct advantages include:

  • Universal Compatibility Because SMTP has been a part of the internet for so long, almost every platform or system can support it, ensuring its utility regardless of the specific tools or applications in use.

  • Stability SMTP's long history means it's been through many iterations, refining its process and ensuring high reliability. Developers can trust in its consistent performance.

  • Ease of Configuration Many platforms offer straightforward SMTP configurations. Developers can quickly set up email systems by entering server details and credentials.

  • Scalability SMTP servers are adept at handling increased loads. As the volume of transactional emails grows with an expanding user base, SMTP can adapt without sacrificing performance.

Deciding between SMTP and API often depends on a project's specific requirements and the developer's preferences.

MTP's reliability and wide-ranging compatibility make it a trusted choice, while API's integration capabilities cater to those looking for a more bespoke email experience.

Both methods have their strengths. Knowing them well can help you pick the best one for your needs.

Wrapping Up

Transactional emails are not just digital paperwork but crucial touchpoints that can make or break the customer experience.

Let's get real though—running an entire server just for these kinds of emails is like hiring a symphony orchestra for an office party. It's way more than you need and diverts time and resources from what your business needs to be doing. How's that?

That's where game-changers like Mailer To Go come into play. This platform has got the goods—from bulk sending to max deliverability—no in-house email server required.

It's designed to be user-friendly and scale with your needs, whether you're a coding wizard, a newbie, or even someone in marketing.

If you're all about efficiency, Mailer To Go should be on your radar. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of email services—versatile, reliable, and straightforward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a transactional email service? 

A transactional email service is a platform or tool that allows businesses and developers to send automated, event/system-triggered emails to users.

These emails are typically initiated by a user's actions, such as signing up for an account, resetting a password, or purchasing. The primary goal is to deliver timely, personalized, and relevant information to the recipient.

Why do developers need a transactional email service? 

Developers need transactional email services to ensure system-generated emails are delivered promptly and reliably to users.

These services offer features like high deliverability rates, detailed analytics, and easy application integration. They help enhance user experience, ensure timely communication, and reduce the technical overhead of managing email infrastructure.

How does Mailer To Go stand out as a transactional email service for developers?  

Mailer To Go is a top-tier transactional email service designed with developers in mind. It offers a robust SMTP solution, ensuring high deliverability rates, easy integration, and comprehensive analytics.

With its developer-friendly documentation and competitive pricing, Mailer To Go is preferred by many developers looking for a reliable email solution.

What are the key features to look for in a transactional email service?  

When evaluating a transactional email service, developers should consider features like:

  • High deliverability rates to ensure emails reach the inbox.

  • Comprehensive API documentation for easy integration.

  • Detailed analytics to track email performance.

  • Scalable infrastructure to handle varying email volumes.

  • Competitive pricing to fit different budget needs.

  • Mailer To Go, for instance, offers all these features, making it a top choice for developers.

Is there a difference between transactional email services and email marketing platforms?

Yes, there's a significant difference. Transactional email services are designed to send system-triggered, one-to-one emails based on user actions.

In contrast, email marketing platforms are used to send bulk emails, newsletters, or promotional campaigns to a list of subscribers. While both types of services manage email delivery, their primary purposes and features differ.

How do the best transactional email services ensure high deliverability rates?

The best transactional email services, like Mailer To Go, invest in infrastructure, authentication protocols, and best practices to ensure emails don't land in the spam folder.

They maintain a good sender reputation, use technologies like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for email authentication, and provide insights into bounce rates and spam complaints to help developers optimize their email campaigns.

Can I integrate a transactional email service with my existing application or website?

Absolutely! Most transactional email services offer APIs and SDKs that allow developers to integrate email functionalities into their applications or websites seamlessly.

For instance, Mailer To Go provides developer-friendly documentation and integration guides to make the process smooth and efficient.

How do transactional email services handle data privacy and security?

Reputable transactional email services prioritize data privacy and security. They comply with global data protection regulations, use encryption to safeguard data, and implement strict access controls.

Platforms like Mailer To Go are committed to ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of user data, making them a trusted choice for developers.

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